What is the Rare Place?

Never two the same

none ever in the Rare Place

deep and dark like lost woods,

or quiet eyes on Death’s eve.

How to wonder as far as fingertips,

to shut as tightly as innocent ears,


beyond the twinkle of the sea break,


An opening not so wide

just a glimmer of acquiesced satisfaction

for a dreamland of longing.

A softened and yet horrid type of drill

that pierces the back of the neck and

nags down until there is ash dusting

the place where the heart should be.

Come take a look into the black reflection

of a mirror and leap.

There is a burning and no fire

a chase but no hunt

a parasite to no host.

You can open your fists now.

Never two the same

the new and the old

and likewise,

no two can survive in this Rare Place.

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im not good at love poems

all I know
is that
if i could
do it again,
I would
ask God
to make
me like
the air
you breathe
so I can
be around you
through you
for all time.

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even if

I’d want to know who you are
even if we were strangers.
I’d want to give you my first kiss.
I’d wait a day past forever
even if.

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conversations we had

all in my head
i thought you said
‘i love you’
what you really said
is ‘i need you’
needs aren’t wants
and neither is close to love
which is a feeling
undetermined by the brain
solely powered by the heart
and that is an energy most

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in the Water is where we stand

Ye have no faith

No weight to carry

Ye cannot walk on Water

He said

And told you a lie

Told you some stories

About what Faith is

My mother said

She said

If Water is where you stand

Fold your hands

Then stay there.

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You have one new message. First message:

….You didn’t answer your phone….what’s up with that?


End of new messages. Message erased.

Thank you, and goodbye.

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get out of your house

Get out of your neighborhood.

Get out of your town.

Get out of your state.

Get out of your country.

Go out of this world.

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shake rattle boom

if these walls told stories

they’d be crying

tear me apart!

fussin’ about the lies

he told back when

it mattered-

won’t change the fact

that now-

baby’s shredding the

inner parts of my ear-

it’s ringing-

ringing like that time

i caught you shakin’.

spittin’ lies again, Jim-

and now this pisspole

woman you met that night

after the fireworks is at

my house asking for your


listen, she rattles like-

like a dying snake

like the sound won’t stop

like why didn’t you think

of me!


but i can’t keep you wise

you know,

the fool down

the street-

he told me to keep

an eye on you,

well i-

i kept them both and

still missed the main point-

when the pieces don’t fit,

the house goes boom.

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Happy New Year!

Thank you all so much for checking in and reading bits of my work over the past year. I feel like I’ve gotten to know myself on a deeper level in 2020 and it really showed in my work.
I love poetry–I can even say that it just might be my first true love. This year, I picked the pen up and put down my thoughts more than before. It is with this creativity that I found joy and peace during, arguably, the most challenging year in recent memory. Writing got me through a lot.
So with that, I am wishing you all a wonderful 2021. I hope that you find your peace and I hope that you are able to re-find YOU. It’s easy to get lost in this world. But when you pull yourself back and reconnect, it is so amazingly refreshing!


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the moon don’t dance

Gravity. Things fall.
It isn’t a dance, you see.
No, it is a law.

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there’s an old saying that when we go fishing we pull up strings

at the ends,
we won’t know
where we’d been led
or exactly where to go.
to be trussed and knotted
lines of our pasts be forgotten
or whirling in fish traps
tangled in waves as the sea slaps,
we can’t see but two feet ahead.
cleverly clustered to keep warm, yet
taken up in boats.
not near and not far,
not one that man should boast.

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